DIY Shower & Tub Scrub (with essential oils, of course)

DIY Shower & Tub Scrub

I have been putting off the dreaded task of cleaning our shower for quite some time. I would rather clean anything else than the shower (yes, I would even rather clean the toilet or the inside of the fridge)! I hate having to tackle the mineral deposits, soap scum, and mildew hanging on the shower walls and shower door. I’ve tried store-bought cleaners, a combination of bleach and water, and a vinegar and water mixture as a tub scrub. However, nothing I used was truly effective and non toxic. I was either holding my breath and suffocating while I was cleaning, or I was scrubbing the shower with a ton of elbow grease and an overpriced magic eraser that was ripped to shreds by the time I was finished.

My shower and tub scrub recipe (with Young Living essential oils, of course)…

Last night, I personalized and pieced together a few recipes that I found online to make my own shower and tub scrub. This stuff worked like a charm! I don’t think that I have ever gotten our shower this clean and with this much ease. I think I even got a little giddy while cleaning the shower because of it. :) Here is how you can get your tub just as clean…

Fill a spray bottle with 1/2 cup of dish soap, 1 cup of white vinegar, and 5-10 drops of Young Living Lemon essential oil. Shake well and spray generously all over the shower walls, shower floor, shower head, and shower door (or curtain). Then sprinkle the area with baking soda. Let sit for about 5 minutes. Scrub with a wet cloth or sponge (make sure you use a sponge that won’t scratch). Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Ta-da!

What’s so special about these 4 ingredients? 

Vinegar cuts grease, mineral deposits, and soap scum. It makes a great glass cleaner and is a mild disinfectant. Vinegar is super cheap too (a gallon of it is around $3.00)!

Dish soap lifts dirt and grime. It is also safe and gentle on almost every surface. You can get a 44 ounce bottle of Gain dish soap for around $3.00 (you can get dish soap for next to nothing if you combine a coupon with a great sale – I love couponing). I’m sure if you want a more natural recipe, you can find a more natural dish soap out there. I just had Gain at home (although I would have preferred a more natural dish soap). :)

Baking soda makes a great deodorizer. It can be used as a gentle abrasive and can replace scouring powder. Like vinegar, baking soda is also very inexpensive (a four pound box is only around $2.00).

Young Living Lemon essential oil makes an excellent household cleaner. It also smells amazing and can cover up the smell of vinegar. Lemon oil also comes in the Premium Starter Kit and is one of the most affordable Young Living oils to reorder (a 15 ml bottle of Young Living Lemon essential oil contains about 250 drops and costs $11.25 for wholesale customers).

Think of how many batches of this shower and tub scrub you could make with the volume of ingredients you have here! WAY cheaper than buying some over priced shower cleaner! :)

Go ahead…try this!


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