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In February 2016, my sponsor, Angie, and I began designing a bunch of Oil Moxie branded graphics so that our team can share their love of essential oils with the world and remain compliant with the FDA. I brainstorm the catchy phrases, while Angie designs the sleek looking graphics. Don’t you just love these?! Check back here often for more Essential Oil Quick Tips because as we roll more oily graphics out, I will add them to this post. 

Wake ME UP: I like diffusing this oily combo (3 drops each) in the morning because it helps wake me up. I also like to add a drop of Lemon and a drop of Peppermint to my diffuser necklace! :)


GET RID OF stinky smells: Purification is my go to oil for getting rid of stinky smells! Sometimes I diffuse it, while other times I add a few drops to a small spray bottle with water (you can also add a sprinkle of Epsom salt to the spray bottle to help the oil disperse evenly in the water). Then I shake and spray wherever or on whatever stinks. Think bathroom, feet, shoes, furniture, garbage can, laundry, your arm pits (haha!), etc. :)  I also add a couple drops to the vacuum filter when I clean.


Goodnight SLEEP TIGHT: I like diffusing these two oils (3 drops each) -OR- adding 4-8 drops Lavender and 6-12 drops Stress Away to a 10-ml roller bottle. Then I fill the rest of the bottle up with carrier oil and roll on the wrists, behind the ears, on the back of the neck, and/or on the bottom of the feet before crawling into bed.


Happy Momma BLEND: We at Oil Moxie call this the “Happy Momma” blend, but maybe we should have nicknamed it the “Happy People” blend! I like to diffuse these two oils (2 drops Joy, 4 drops Orange) or make a roll-on with them (10 ml roller bottle + 5-10 drops Joy + 7-14 drops Orange + fill the remainder of the bottle with carrier oil). I roll this on the wrists, back of the neck, behind the ears, and/or over the heart. *Joy and Orange are photosensitive – be careful if applying this combo to areas of the skin that may be exposed to direct sunlight.


Study TIME: I diffuse these two oils (3 drops Orange, 2-3 drops Peppermint) quite often. I LOVE this combo because it helps promote focus and it smells awesome!! You can also make a roll-on by adding 5-10 drops of each oil to a 10-ml roller bottle. Top with carrier oil and apply to the wrists, back of neck, or on palms (cup over nose and inhale). Orange is photosensitive – be careful if applying this combo to areas of the skin that may be exposed to direct sunlight.


SUPPORT THAT respiratory system: I love using Thieves Vitality for respiratory support and to support healthy immune function during the winter! I add 1-2 drops to an empty capsule, add 4+ drops of liquid coconut oil, and take it as a dietary supplement. I also like to make tea by adding a drop of Thieves Vitality, a drop of Lemon Vitality, and honey (to taste) to a mug of warm water. My team member says she loves adding a drop of Thieves Vitality to warm apple cider or apple juice – I haven’t tried this, but it sounds super yummy! :)


Keep calm AND CARRY ON: Peace & Calming (or the reformulated Peace & Calming II) is a great oil for people and pets (think car rides, fourth of July, etc). I like to diffuse this oil and apply it topically. I keep a diluted roller of Peace & Calming or Peace & Calming II around the house (10-20 drops in a 10-ml roller bottle + top with carrier oil) because it’s easy to apply to myself and the pups. I swipe the roller behind my ears, on the back of my neck, and on my wrists. Then I swipe my wrist across the back of each dog so they also keep calm. :) Peace & Calming and Peace & Calming II is photosensitive – be careful if applying either of these oils to areas of the skin that may be exposed to direct sunlight.


Pre-workout: Pre-workout oily awesomeness!! I like to add 10-20 drops of RC to a 10-ml roller bottle and fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil. I roll that stuff right on my chest, throat, and sinuses and take a deep breath. I feel amazing during a workout when I use this!


Post-workout: Post-workout oils!! Sometimes, I put a little puddle of carrier oil in my hand with 1-2 drops of PanAway and 1-2 drops of Peppermint. Then, I apply that mixture to my muscles after a workout. Sometimes, I like to make an on-the-go roll-on by adding 15 drops Peppermint and 5 drops PanAway (for more intense relief, I add 9 more drops Peppermint and 3 more drops PanAway) to a 10-ml roller bottle and top with carrier oil. Then I roll it on my muscles, forehead, temples, and/or back of the neck.


Stressed AND ON A DEADLINE: Best at school and at work diffuser combo (3 drops each) EVER!!! Oh my gosh….the combo of Peppermint and Stress Away SMELLS SOOOOO GOOD!!!! Peppermint promotes focus, while Stress Away promotes relaxation! :)


BEST breath freshener EVER: I use Peppermint Vitality to freshen my breath after my morning coffee. :) If I am feeling brave, I add a drop of Peppermint Vitality directly to my tongue. Most of the time, however, I add a drop to a glass of water and sip away. My newly discovered way to freshen my breath is to make a fresh breath spray by adding 1-3 drops Peppermint Vitality to a 4-ml spray vial filled with water.


FOR YOUR WOOL dryer balls: Laundry day essentials! Have you made the switch to wool dryer balls, yet? They soften your clothes naturally, reduce drying times, and prevent static and wrinkles. They also eliminate toxic chemicals from being deposited on your clothes and body from dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Add 2-4 drops of Lavender, Purification, or your favorite essential oil to your dryer balls and scent your clothes naturally. This is a super easy change to reduce toxins in your home!


For people WHO EAT: Peppermint Vitality and DiGize Vitality are my go-to oils after I eat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Peppermint Vitality, but if I need a little more digestive support, I grab the DiGize Vitality. To naturally support my digestive system, I like to add 1-2 drops of Peppermint Vitality to a glass of water and sip away after a meal. If I’m in a rush or I don’t want to taste the essential oil (DiGize Vitality doesn’t taste all that great), I add 1-2 drops of one (or both) of these essential oils to a clear vegetable capsule, fill the remainder of the capsule with carrier oil, and swallow it (just like a pill). :)


TAX TIME necessities: If you haven’t done your taxes yet, here is an oily combo for you! Apply Abundance before starting your taxes for some good vibes. While doing your taxes, apply Acceptance (just in case your refund is lower than you expected or worse, you have to pay in). When finished with your taxes, apply Joy (either in celebration or to uplift your mood).


LIQUID courage: Apply Valor or Valor II to your wrists, chest, base of neck, or bottoms of feet to feel calm and empowered. You can also add it to a diffuser necklace or put a drop in the palm of your hands, cup your hands over your nose and mouth, and huff it haha! And let’s not forget that it smells absolutely amazing in the diffuser with Orange. Valor tends to go out of stock from time to time due to seasonality of one of the oils, so Young Living created Valor II, which can be used in its place.


USE frequently AROUND A DEBBIE DOWNER: Working with people who have a case of the Mondays EVERYDAY?! Use White Angelica to help keep the negative away! Diffuse several drops, use it in a diffuser necklace, or rub a few drops on the shoulders, back of neck, behind the ears, or wrists. This oil can help promote feelings of protection and security.


EMBRACE love: Here’s a little oily blend for self love and confidence. :) Add 3-4 drops Lavender, 3-4 drops Patchouli, 3-4 drops Ylang Ylang, and an optional drop of Geranium to a 10-ml roller bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil. Apply to the back of the neck and over the heart. Then kick the negative self talk to the curb and say the affirmation, “I accept myself for who I am.” You can also diffuse a combo of these oils as well.


RESTORE harmony: This is one of my favorite oily combos to restore harmony. The combo of these oils smells so AMAZING too!! To make a “harmony” roller, add 4 drops Patchouli, 4 drops Orange, 4 drops Sandalwood, and 1 drop Lemon to a 10-ml roller bottle. Then fill with carrier oil. Apply to wrists, back of neck, behind the ears, or on palms (cup and inhale). I also like diffusing a combo of these oils as well for some good vibes. *Lemon and Orange are photosensitive.


WINTER Wellness Tea: A little “Winter Wellness Tea” can support a healthy immune and respiratory system all year round. After all, consistency is the key when it comes to using oils! Add a drop of Thieves Vitality, a drop or Lemon Vitality, and honey (to taste) to a mug of warm water. Gently stir and sip. Or you can add a drop of each to a capsule, fill with carrier oil and swallow with water. Stay healthy people!


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