Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils


What do you think of when you hear the word aromatherapy? Lighting a nice scented candle? Adding essential oils to a wax warmer? Using an air freshener? Either way, I bet you think of filling a room with a nice fragrance, right? Well, this isn’t actually true aromatherapy…it’s more like fragrancing. If you are using air fresheners (blagh!), perfume grade essential oils (blagh!), or candles (blagh!) it can actually be toxic fragrancing. True aromatherapy is so much more than just a nice scent. True aromatherapy can have profound effects on our health and well-being, body, mind, and emotions. To experience the many benefits of true aromatherapy, you need to use high-quality essential oils (like Young Living essential oils). You also need to disperse the essential oils into the air using an ultrasonic or cold air diffuser (as heating essential oils destroys the oils’ therapeutic properties).

*To clarify: You can use essentials oils in a wax warmer. However, please use a good quality essential oil versus a perfume grade essential oil. FYI… Heating essential oils will only make your home smell nice. Because heat destroys the therapeutic properties of essential oils, you won’t get any health benefits from putting essential oils into a wax warmer. However, diffusing essential oils will fill your home with an amazing scent and allow you to experience the true health benefits of aromatherapy. :)

Benefits of diffusing essential oils:

As stated above, diffusing essential oils can offer an abundance of health benefits. The benefits seem endless, but I summarized some of them below.

  • promotes a restful nights sleep
  • improves concentration and focus
  • stimulates secretion of endorphins
  • improves concentration, alertness, mental clarity, and focus
  • invigorates and energizes
  • freshens the air and neutralizes odors
  • deepens your spiritual connection
  • creates a spa like atmosphere
  • balances emotions and uplifts mood
  • supports the immune system
  • supports the respiratory system
  • soothes nerves and relieves occasional tension
  • and so much more!

My favorite essential oil diffuser:

Young Living offers many high quality essential oil diffusers. I diffuse my essential oils using the Young Living Home Diffuser (because this diffuser rocks and also because it came in the Premium Starter Kit). The Home Diffuser is a cold air diffuser. It combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one product that safely releases essential oils into the air. The Home Diffuser breaks the essential oils and water into millions of micro-particles, disperses them into the air, and activates the powerful plant constituents found in Young Living essential oils. The fine mist that comes out of the diffuser will actually sit in the air for hours, providing therapeutic benefits long after your diffuser has finished running!

How to use the Young Living Home Diffuser:

The Home Diffuser contains a water reservoir, which holds about 1/2 cup of water. Open the water reservoir by lifting the lid. Fill the reservoir to the fill line with room temperature distilled or purified water (distilled is preferred). Then add about 5-8 drops (adjust per your preference) of your favorite Young Living essential oil to the water (we usually use 5-6 drops). Replace the lid. Turn the diffuser on by pressing the button on the front of the diffuser (green light). Press the button again to put diffuser on the alternating 30 second on/off setting (red light). To turn the diffuser off, press the button a third time. To turn the ambient light off while running, simply press and hold the button for about 2 seconds until the LED light turns off. The diffuser will shut off automatically when out of water.

How often and how long should you diffuse essential oils?

I personally find it helpful to diffuse essential oils on a daily basis. My hubby and I usually run our diffuser until it runs out of water and it shuts off on its own. However, diffusing essential oils for even just 10 minutes, 3 times per day will support your health.

How do you know which essential oil you should diffuse for specific support?

Each essential oil offers its own set of benefits. You’ll definitely want to obtain a reference guide when you start using essential oils. A reference guide will tell you which oil to use for relaxing, energizing, etc. Here are a couple of places where you can buy reference guides.

Are you ready to start diffusing essential oils? Get your Home Diffuser, essential oils, just over $20.00 worth of oiling gifts, and access to Oil Moxie for support here!

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