Cedarwood Essential Oil: A Natural and Inexpensive Way to Promote Restful Sleep

I finally got my hands on some Young Living Cedarwood essential oil about a month ago (it was sold out for a while) and let me just say that I LOVE THIS OIL! After hearing other’s testimonials, I bought Cedarwood oil because it is used to promote relaxation. Therefore, I figured that it would be a great oil to help promote a restful night’s sleep.  Let me just say that I am loving this oil! I have been a light sleeper my whole life. I can be sound asleep and if my hubby turns on the light in another room, I am awake almost immediately. I can’t sleep soundly if the TV is on and I definitely can’t sleep if my husband is snoring (and he usually is). I sleep so lightly that I have to sleep with ear plugs in every single night!

Cedarwood to Promote Restful Sleep

Here’s how I promote a more restful night’s sleep with Cedarwood essential oil:

For the last few weeks, I have been massaging a drop or two of Cedarwood essential oil to the bottom of each foot before I go to bed. Ever since I started doing this, I am sleeping more soundly. I even slept well the night before I started my new job! Yup…AMAZING!

BARGAIN! For 9 cents a night or $2.81 a month, I am sleeping more soundly with Cedarwood essential oil.

Cedarwood oil is even one heck of a bargain. Anyone that knows me, knows that I just love a bargain (I was even one of those crazy couponers for a while…yeah, the kind with a stockpile). As a Wholesale Member of Young Living, I can purchase a 15 ml bottle of Cedarwood for $11.25. A 15 ml bottle of essential oil contains about 250 drops. At 1 drop of Cedarwood oil per foot per night, a bottle of Cedarwood will last just over 4 months (and cost as little as $2.81 a month or 9 cents a night). GET YOUR OWN OILS

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