Fun gift ideas for the essential oil user in your life!

Essential Oil Gift Ideas

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, you have got to check out this ENTIRE blog post! I put together a list of 12 gift ideas for the essential oil user in your life! Each of these items are sold on Etsy (one of my favorite online shopping sites). Etsy is a great place to find unique and personalized gifts. I have been shopping on Etsy for years and one of the nice things about Etsy is that the sellers are always easy to get in contact with and many times willing to personalize an order. Shopping on Etsy is a great way to support small business and a great way to give someone (or yourself) a one of a kind gift. :) I have been in contact with each of the shop owners below and they all have all been super friendly, helpful, and accommodating! I am waiting on a few of my last orders to arrive, but so far I have been really happy with everything I have ordered.

Crochet cowl scarf with a felted flower – the flower is the perfect vessel to hold a few drops of your favorite essential oil!

Essential Oil Cowl Scarf

Isn’t this cowl scarf absolutely beautiful?! I just LOVE it! This scarf is made from 100% pure wool and will surely keep anyone warm this winter. And if this winter is anything like the Polar Vortex of the 2013/2014 winter, you’ll definitely want to stay nice and warm and toasty. :) This scarf is especially unique because it has a detachable wool flower, which is the perfect vessel to hold a few drops of your favorite essential oil – what a cool idea! If you love this scarf as much as I do, you can purchase it from PeaceinPetals (a shop on Etsy) – other colors available. Save 50% thru 2014 by entering coupon code SARAHSCARF at checkout.

 3-tier cedar essential oil rack – the perfect way to organize and display your essential oils at home!


When you begin using essential oils, you will learn how extremely versatile they are and you will want to use them whenever and for whatever you can. Trust me, you’ll build up a collection of oils real fast and you will definitely need a nice place to store them. Personally, I like to have my oils visible – I think the bottles are so cute and colorful. Plus, essential oils always make a great conversation starter! I love this 3-tier essential oil cedar rack because it nicely displays essential oils and it keeps them all in one place. The nice thing about this rack is that it holds two different size bottles. This rack holds 14 (5 ml) bottles and 19 (15 ml bottles) of essential oil. This rack will hold all of the oils in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit (11 – 5 ml bottles), plus a bunch more that you know you’ll end up ordering. This sturdy essential oil rack is available from RackMyOils (a shop on Etsy) – other size racks available.

Essential oil diffuser earrings – therapeutic and stylish at the same time!

EO Diffuser Earrings

These  gold-plated earrings are super versatile. They can be worn with just about anything and they double as a great way to diffuse your essential oils! I bet you never thought of that! Simply add a drop of your favorite essential oil to the lava rock and brighten your mood or relax your mind wherever you go. When you check out, this seller let’s you pick the scent you would like your earrings to be infused with. These rockin’ earrings (pun intended, he he) are available from InfusedLife (a shop on Etsy) – available with black, green, or blue lava rock.

Another great way to experience the power of essential oils throughout the day – check out this stylish essential oil diffuser bracelet!

Stylish Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Aren’t you loving this diffuser bracelet just as much as those lava rock diffuser earrings above?! To use this diffuser bracelet, simply apply 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil to one of the three included leather disks. Then place the disk inside the locket to enjoy the scent of your favorite essential oil all day long. The scent of a high quality therapeutic grade essential oil will have a positive effect on your mood and can last for days. Each leather pad is reusable – just reapply oil to the disk as needed. This bracelet and its locket are silver plated on a brass base (nickel and lead free) and the lobster clasp allows for a nice customized fit. This stylish bracelet (among others) is available from BlessingsAndBaubles (a shop on Etsy).

Function and fashion – a pop of color makes this essential oil diffuser bracelet unique!

Colored Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

These colorful essential oil diffuser bracelets add a pop of color to any outfit. Plus, it gives you another unique way to experience the power of essential oils throughout the day. I think these are so cool! Just add 1-3 drops of your favorite essential oil and it will absorb into the patent pending interior. This diffuser bracelet will hold its fragrance so you get continuous therapeutic whiffs of essential oil throughout the day. Just add more essential oil to the bracelet as needed. This stylish bracelet is lightweight (yet sturdy) and adjustable and will fit most wrist sizes. Better yet, you can buy this bracelet for a current or up and coming essential oil user because for $5 more you can purchase one that includes a free bottle of essential oil. :) These bracelets are available from ScentGoodsandGear (a shop on Etsy) – available in many other color choices. Save 25% by entering coupon code 25OFF during checkout.

Beautiful and classy essential oil diffuser necklace – you can’t go wrong with style and function all rolled up into one item!

EO Diffuser Necklace

You can’t go wrong with style and function rolled up into one item! I mean, just look at this beautiful, classy necklace that doubles as an essential oil diffuser! Essential oil diffuser necklaces are a perfect for diffusing oils anywhere you go as you always have it with you. Who wouldn’t love this type of two for one item? After all, our sense of smell is extremely powerful and aromatherapy can have some pretty positive effects on our health. Simply place 1-3 drops of essential oil on one of the three leather pads provided and you can enjoy the benefits of diffusing essential oils anywhere! Each leather pad is reusable – just apply more essential oil as desired. I got my diffuser necklace from SugarBottomCreations (a shop on Etsy) – there are a lot of beautiful different designs and custom sizes available.

Fun and extremely affordable essential oil zip pouch – great for on-the-go oiling!

Fun Essential Oil Zip Pouch

When you start using essential oils, I can guarantee that you will carry at least one essential oil with you at all times. Yes, therapeutic grade essential oils are that effective! I have a cute little essential oil zip pouch that I store my on-the-go stash of oils in. This pouch is go great because it is laminated (which makes it waterproof and easy to wipe), has elastic is sewn onto the lining (making 8 spots available for the oils to be held into place), has boxed corners (which allows it to stand on its own), is sturdy (not floppy or flimsy), the print is fun, and it is reasonably priced! You can purchase this cute and extremely affordable essential oil zip pouch from lilalicesews (a shop on Etsy) – other colors and patterns available.

Another way to take your essential oils with you wherever you go – this essential oil pouch has such a unique design!

Unique Essential Oil Pouch

Here is another little on-the-go oil pouch that I fell in love with the minute I saw it! The unique design of this pouch is what immediately drew me to it. There are 8 individual padded pockets to this pouch that can fit essential oil bottles sizes ranging from 5 ml to 15 ml. Plus, there is a bonus central compartment where you can store more oils or other items! This pouch is pretty lightweight and soft, but it is still sturdy enough to maintain its shape while holding your essential oils. This unique essential oil travel pouch is available from FjokiGropShop (a shop on Etsy) – MANY colors and patterns to choose from!

Personalized canvas tote bag – mine is monogrammed with “Oil Moxie,” our free essential oil club (it’s the perfect oiling conversation starter)!

Monogrammed Tote Bag

Tote bags make great everyday bags, weekend bags, or beach bags! I just love a good tote bag because they hold everything I think I need at all times…including my essential oils (which stay put in their own travel pouch as noted above)! Not only are these types of bags super useful and durable, but they also make a wonderful personalized gift. These tote bags are normally monogrammed with a name or initials, but I decided to monograph one with our essential oiling club – “Oil Moxie.” :) I love being part of our free essential oiling community and as Young Living distributor, an “Oil Moxie” tote bag makes a great conversation piece. This bag is 14 inches high, 25 inches wide, and 9 inches deep. It is made from 100% canvas, is water-resistant, has a large main compartment with a zipper closure, a key fob attached, and a front pocket. Oh yeah…and you can choose from a variety of colors and fonts! You can get your own personalized tote bag from fourbugsinarug (a shop on Etsy). Save 10% by using the coupon code THANKYOU at checkout.

Fun metal essential oil roller bottles – for easy oil on-the-go oil application!

EO Roller Bottles

Essential oil roller bottles are a must have for any oil user. Roller bottles are a great way to make your own essential oil blends or pre-dilute your essential oils for super quick and easy oil application. Carry it with you in your purse or backpack and simply roll it right on the area you wish to experience some relief from. Oil application doesn’t get any easier than this! And don’t you just love the fun stylish design of these bottles?! Plus, I love that the roller ball is metal versus many others on the market which are plastic. You can buy your own fun and classy looking metal essential oil roller bottle from EssentialOilCafe (a shop on Etsy).

Hard sided aluminum essential oil carrying case (with optional add-on keychain case) – safely and easily organize, store, and move all your oils from place to place!

Hard Sided Aluminum Essential Oil Case with Keychain

In some situations, you might want to tuck your essential oils away in one safe place. Maybe you have kids and you need to keep your oils up and out of their reach (a case like this is easy to move to and take off of a shelf). Or, you might travel a lot with your family (think summer weekend camping trips) and want to easily take your whole arsenal of essential oils with you. This hard sided essential oil case makes it super easy to safely store your essential oils and move them around from place to place. This aluminum case is 7 x 10 inches and has a foam insert that holds 32 (15 ml) and 8 (5 ml) bottles of essential oil. One side is textured and one smooth for stickers or embellishments. To keep your kiddos and oils extra safe, this case locks and includes 2 keys. For an additional charge, this case can be personalized in the inside with your choice of fabric and thread for a monograph. You also have the option to add a cute little essential oil key chain (which includes the little bottles) onto your order. This handy aluminum essential oil case is available from ArmedNotDangerous (a shop on Etsy). Save 30% by using coupon code XMAS14 at checkout.

Hot or cold neck and shoulder rice wrap – it will intensify the effectiveness of your essential oil application!

Hot and Cold Rice Essential Oil Pad

Hot and cold rice packs and wraps (which you store in the freezer or heat up in the microwave) are pretty common on Etsy. However, this neck and shoulder rice wrap is unique and unlike most others that I have seen. I really like the design of this wrap because it will stay put and provide relief even if you move around a little bit. You can also lay this flat for use on the lower back or other muscles. Massaging an essential oil to the occasional sore neck and shoulders is already quite effective. If you add a heat wrap like this one, you can intensify the effectiveness and really loosen up those muscles. This is definitely worth the money! You can purchase this one of a kind hot and cold rice wrap from BlueBellBoutiqueTN (a store on Etsy) – other colors and patterns available.


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