5 Essential Oils Items You Never Thought You Wanted – Until Now!

5 Essential Oils Items You Never Thought You Wanted - Until Now

I came across some pretty neat oiling items yesterday morning (while sipping on my coffee) and I just had to share them with my readers and fellow essential oil users. If you love essential oils, you’ll likely get a kick out of these five items. I don’t have any of the below items, but I think that I’ll definitely have to order at least one of them for myself (or to give as a gift). :)

1. Essential oils diffuser case ($34.80 – $44.80):

No need to travel without your essential oil diffuser anymore! Safely take your diffuser with you in this protected case. The best part is that there are pockets around the inside of the case to hold your 5-ml and 15-ml bottles of essential oil. There are a variety of colors and patterns available. See it HERE!

2. Young Living cinch sack ($12.00):

I’ve seen Young Living tote bags before, but never a cinch sack. These 100% cotton canvas bags are perfect for advertising your business while carrying your necessities with you (think meetings, trips to the zoo, strolls to the park, summer festivals, etc). These bags have cotton webbing straps and a zippered front pocket for easy storage. Available in dark brown or tan. I just love these types of bags! See it HERE!

3. Aromatherapy stuffed animal ($12.99 – $25.99):

These super cute stuffed animals contain a hidden, grain-filled (and Lavender infused) insert. After heating the insert in the microwave for 30 seconds, your little one can cuddle up next to it and will be asleep in no time! When the original Lavender scent fades, simply freshen it up with a drop of your own Lavender essential oil. Various sizes and animals available. See it HERE!

4. Young Living essential oils key fob ($4.27):

Easily find your keys in your purse with the help of a key fob. This Young Living key fob doubles as a conversation starter for your growing Young Living business. Buy one for yourself or give one as a gift when a member in your downline moves up rank. :) See it HERE!

5. Essential oils car diffuser ($7.90):

Keep your car smelling fresh, fight fatigue, promote focus, and remedy the occasional motion sickness with this essential oil car diffuser. Place 4-6 drops of essential oil onto the diffuser pad (I suggest Peppermint essential oil), slide the pad into the diffuser, and plug it into the charging port. This diffuser comes with 5 refill pads. See it HERE!

For additional oiling items, check out two of my past blog posts showcasing 12 unique gifts and 10 must have accessories.

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