How to Reuse Empty Young Living Essential Oil Bottles

Do you have a hard time throwing your empty Young Living essential oil bottles away? I do! Tossing these high quality and cute little bottles in the garbage just seems so wasteful. I threw my first several empty bottles away until I realized that I could reuse them. Learn how to reuse empty Young Living essential oil bottles below. You will never toss them again! :)

Reuse Young Living Essential Oil Bottles

Step 1

Carefully remove the label from the Young Living essential oil bottle. If you look real closely, there is a place to peel the label up on the bottom of each bottle. If you go slowly enough, you’ll have no problem removing the label. Every so often, I get a label that gives me a little trouble, but for the most part the labels peel off pretty easily.

Remove the Label From the Bottle

Step 2

Remove the caps and peel the tops off of each Young Living essential oil bottle. Sometimes I keep the caps and tops. Other times, I toss them in the garbage. I’ll give you tips below for both options.

Take Covers and Tops Off

Step 3

Fill a glass jar with Epsom salt. I cleaned and reused an empty coconut oil jar (you can also use a large mason jar). Dump any lingering drops of essential oil into the jar. Then, place each essential oil bottle into the jar, cover, and let sit until you are ready for step 4 (below). I let my essential oil bottles sit in the Epsom salt until the jar is full of empty bottles and I am ready to clean them all at once. I carefully rotate the jar around from time to time (so the oils evenly mix with the Epsom salt).

*Speaking from experience, make sure you take the labels off of the essential oil bottles before you put them into the Epsom salt. Otherwise you will have pieces of the label floating around in the Epsom salt. 

Add Bottles to Jar of Epsom Salt

Step 4

When ready, pull the Young Living essential oil bottles out of the Epsom salt. Shake out any Epsom salt that might be sitting inside of each essential oil bottle. Cover and hang onto your essential oil infused Epsom salt. Now you have an awesome therapeutic bath or foot soak! :)

Therapeutic Bath Soak

Step 5

Rinse the essential oil bottles out with water. Then, soak the essential oil bottles, caps, and tops in a container filled with water and 2-3 Tablespoons of white vinegar. Let it soak for a few hours (or overnight).

Soak Bottles in Water and Vinegar

Step 6

Remove the Young Living essential oil bottles, caps, and tops from the water and vinegar mixture. Gently scrub off any remaining label residue from the outside of the bottle. Rinse the bottles, caps, and tops with water and lay on a towel to dry.

Rinse Bottles and Let Dry

Step 7

Use your empty and clean Young Living essential oil bottles to pre-dilute your essential oils or to make your own essential oil blends for quick and easy topical application. Once you have diluted and/or blended your essential oils together in your empty bottles, you can put the original tops and caps back on the bottles. Or, you can purchase the roller ball fitments that Young Living sells. The roller balls fit on 5-ml and 15-ml bottles. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the roller balls because it allows me to just roll the essential oil right on my skin (perfect for on-the-go oiling). Easy and no mess!

Dilutions and Blends

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