You Know You Love Essential Oils When…

You Know You Love Oils When

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am completely obsessed with my Young Living essential oils. OBSESSED. And I know that I am not alone with my oil obsession! So, I asked other essential oil lovers to help me fill in the blank for this fun blog post. Here’s what we came up with. If you have things to add, feel free to comment below! :)

You know you love essential oils when _____.

  1. You look at the above graphic and realize that it looks like your bathroom cabinet.
  2. You need a bigger purse so you can carry at least 15 oils with you wherever you go.
  3. Your 3-year-old tells his preschool teacher that she shouldn’t be teaching kids to put chemicals on their hands because there are more natural ways to cleanse the hands – those that include oils!
  4. Your boss announces, “I know she’s here, I smell the oils.”
  5. The barista at Starbucks asks if you work at a florist.
  6. You can’t bring yourself to throw those cute empty bottles away. You use some for your personal oiling creations, but mostly end up with a hoard of empties.
  7. You say “hold on” and dig through your purse to find an oil.
  8. Your son says, “Mom, how many oils do you think you REALLY need?”
  9. People kid you that instead of saying, “there’s an app for that,” you say, “there’s an oil for that!”
  10. You anxiously await for your next Essential Rewards order as soon one arrives.
  11. Your son tells you that with all the different oils you put on him that he is going to turn into a puddle of oil.
  12. You panic when you think you’ve lost one.
  13. You have a never-ending wish list of essential oils.
  14. You wear oils as perfume.
  15. You are insistent that your husband use essential oils and have even applied a drop on him while he is sleeping.
  16. Your doctor tells you, “Just keep doing what you are doing.” :)
  17. You watch a commercial and can name at least 10 oils that you would use.
  18. You have a designated diffuser and stash of oils for the office.
  19. You ask God each day, “Who can I bless with my oils and support today?”
  20. You want to tell the whole world how these little bottles can change your life.
  21. You got a new phone and the first app you downloaded was the ‘Reference Guide for Essential Oils.’
  22. You hear a complete stranger talking and you say “There’s an oil for that!”
  23. You fight to get every last drop out of the bottle and are upset when it’s finally empty.
  24. You panic at the thought of being without them.
  25. Your new favorite book is the ‘Essential Oils Desk Reference.’
  26. You know which oils you would grab if there was a zombie apocalypse.
  27. You can’t wait for your order to arrive and get upset when mother nature delays its arrival.
  28. You can find a bottle of oil in your purse quicker than you can find your phone.
  29. You try to pick up your phone or open a door, but realize that it needs to be wiped off first because it is oily.
  30. Your 6-year-old and 11-year-old ask for specific oils by name.
  31. You know you will never buy another air freshener or candle again.
  32. Essential oils become a non negotiable part of your budget.
  33. The graphic says it all! LOL!

    Sometimes After I Apply My Oils

    Source of Graphic Unknown

  34. You’ve decided to “sell” oils…for a (*gasp) multilevel marketing company…something you NEVER thought you would do!
  35. Your kids ask “Is there an oil for that?”
  36. You’ve made silly oiling mistakes like applying undiluted Lemongrass (instead of Lavender) underneath your nose – WOOO…WEEE!!!
  37. You spend more time figuring out which oils to pack for your trip than which clothes to bring!
  38. You have little oils stashes all around the house, in your purse, in your coat pocket, on the nightstand, etc.
  39. You have so many oils that you lose one from time to time.
  40. People hug you they say, “You smell like oils.”
  41. You’ve used oils for so many different issues that you hardly have to look in your reference guide anymore.
  42. You could talk about oils all day and can’t help but bring them up even when they have nothing to do with the current conversation.
  43. You’ve accidentally gotten essential oil in your eye…more than once!
  44. You answer your Facebook friend’s questions with an oiling suggesstion.
  45. You no longer feel sorry for people who refuse to use essential oils. They are BIG TIME missing out!
  46. You are known as the crazy, obsessed oil lady at work.
  47. You want to give oils as Christmas, birthday, and baby shower gifts.
  48. You buy them without thinking whether your husband cares or not. After all, you NEED them!
  49. You’ll use an oil for support even though it might be a little stinky to you at first.
  50. Minor, everyday issues are longer nuisances, but rather challenges to prove “THERE’S AN OIL FOR THAT!”
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