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Hi! My name is Sarah and welcome to my site! I’ve been married to my hubby, Scott, since 2010. We live in Wisconsin and have 2 dogs. After life really threw us for a loop and tested our love, strength, and faith, my husband and I picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and began to look for ways in which we could naturally support our emotional and physical health. In 2013, we began using essential oils and I immediately immersed myself in everything they (and the oiling community) had to offer. I never had any intention of “selling” the oils – it just kind of happened. And here I am 2 years later… always carrying oils with me, always smelling like oils, and always talking about oils! :)

I work full-time as a dietitian and I specialize in treating those who are struggling with an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder). My nights and weekends are dedicated to the oils. I love running with music blasting in my ears. I enjoy the simple things in life – the quiet, a nice day, good food (Scott is the most AMAZING cook).  I love winter – my hubby and I love snowmobiling. Oh yeah… and I’m afraid of birds (although I really don’t exactly know why)!

I hope my site inspires you to take charge of your health and wellness! You can easily incorporate essential oils into your life and I hope you’ll let me show you how. Happy oiling!


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5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Sarah. …I have been hearing alot about oils lately. I have MS and CRPS. Can you tell me if you know if oils are working with these disease? I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Robyn! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and ask questions. First, I’m sorry to hear about your health issues! I’m not a doctor so it’s really not fair for me to say whether oils will assist with your health issues. Additionally, because I “sell” oils, I am also not actually legally allowed to discuss oils in relation to illness – this is per the FDA and this is really to protect you as the consumer from being taken advantage of. This is why my blog is kind of “fluffy.” I can tell you that oils can be used to help maintain wellness in the body and can be used to support healthy skin, hair, muscles, bones, and emotional balance, AND the immune, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, hormonal, and nervous systems. Incorporating (or making your own) oil infused household and personal care products is also one of the easiest ways to cut down on the amount of toxins we take in. If you feel like you’re still really searching for the piece beyond general health and wellness, I would encourage you to get yourself a third party reference guide to do a little research on your own. There are great resources here: http://www.abundanthealth4u.com/, https://www.discoverlsp.com/, and Amazon. If you decide oils are for you, I hope you’ll come back here and let me (and our Oil Moxie club) support and empower you on your oily journey. Take care and be well! –Sarah

  2. I just wanted to let you know that in your blog about the difference between the Home Diffuser and Dewdrop diffuser, you mention the Dew Drop uses tap water. However, I just recently learned that the Dew Drop now requires distilled water as well!! My mom happened to be using it in her new starter kit and I told her it took tap water, she showed me in the manual that it says distilled water now. :) Just wanted to let you know for others who may read that blog

  3. Hello Sarah, I have a friend who is curious about oils and is wondering if there is an oil or oils that can be used as a bug preventative for her dog?

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